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Here at Keytext, we work hard to find truly talented translators and copywriters, people who work wonders with words to engage your audience. Below you’ll meet just some of our top linguists, writers, editors, project managers and technicians. If you can’t find the talent you need here, feel free to contact us and we’ll find the right professional for you.



Photo of An B

An B

With a Master’s degree in translation, four years’ freelance translation experience and a further five years’ experience as a translator and project manager working in-house at a translation agency, An provides exceptional Russian and English to Dutch translation, editing and proofreading services. Like all of our linguists, she translates only into her native Dutch, but has full mastery of both variants, having grown up in Belgium and now living in the Netherlands.…

Photo of Jonathan B

Jonathan B

With over ten years’ experience in the language-services industry and an in-depth knowledge of all main CAT tools, Jonathan supports and businesses and translation agencies as their lead localisation and CAT-tool expert. His services include:

• File preparation and pre/post-processing
• All tasks associated with the localisation engineering sections of a project life cycle
• Proficient use, very good knowledge & understanding of all main CAT tools
• CAT support/troubleshooting
• Experience in setting up new environment in a company (memoQ server, Wordbee, etc.)
• TM maintenance, including leveraging and word-count management
• Alignments/Glossary creation
• Working knowledge of RegEx
• Proactive technology watch

Photo of Clémentine C

Clémentine C

English to French Translator | Swedish to French Translator | Danish to French Translator | Norwegian to French Translator

Since completing a BA in English Language & Literature followed by an MA in Norwegian in 2006 (specialising in linguistics and translation), Clémentine has worked on innumerable translation projects for a broad range of NGOs and global brands. She specialises in marketing, editorial and transcreation, with solid experience in the fields of fashion, design, cosmetics and tourism. …

Photo of Edith D

Edith D

English to Dutch translator | German to Dutch translator | French to Dutch translator

With a strong background in the arts, Edith uses her creativity to great effect in her translation work, producing fluid, natural copy that sounds as if it were originally written in Dutch. She has worked on innumerable projects for galleries, architects and designers, as well as on a range of marketing-related texts. She has a PhD in Humanities with Transtechnology Research, an MA in Art History and over 40 publications in journals and artistic reviews.…

Photo of Claire dC

Claire dC

Project Manager

With a Master’s in translation from one of France’s top two translation schools (ISIT) and a Master’s in business from one of France’s top three business schools (ESSEC), Claire worked for four years as a financial auditor before returning to her first love, translation, in 2014. An official translator for some of the world’s leading brands, including Adidas and Netflix, Claire has now combined her linguistic and management skills, managing projects for a number of major French clients.…

Photo of Chiara G

Chiara G

French to Italian Translator | English to Italian Translator

Chiara is a freelance Spanish and English to Italian translator and copywriter. Before becoming a freelance linguist, she worked as a Marketing Officer where learned how to craft persuasive, engaging copy.  Building on that experience, she now uses her linguistic creativity to produce compelling content when she translates and transcreates into her native Italian. She specialise in creative and technical texts.…

Photo of Fiona G

Fiona G

French to English Translator | Portuguese to English Translator

With over twenty years’ experience in the travel and tourism sector, an MA in French and Russian, an IOL Diploma in Translation and a university diploma in Portuguese,  Fiona offers exceptional French to English and Portuguese to English translation services. Although she specialises in travel and tourism, her executive experience in this industry enables her to translate and write to a high standard in a range of subject areas, including general business and marketing.…

Photo of David H

David H

French to English Translator | Spanish to English Translator | English Copywriter | English Editor

Passionate about languages and armed with a first-class degree in translation, David spent seven years translating for a range of blue-chip companies and small businesses before creating Keytext Translation in 2014. He is dedicated to providing exceptional quality and customer service on every project and is also available for copywriting assignments. He loves sport, reading and spending time with his family.…

Photo of Suzanne L

Suzanne L

Italian to Dutch translator | English to Dutch Translator

With a Master’s in Law and Political Sciences and previous experience as a legal secretary, business analyst and editor, Suzanne offers high-quality linguistic services specialising in legal, business and medical translations. She has worked on translations for innumerable international clients, translating from English and Italian into her native Dutch.  She also has extensive experience with medical texts and translates with both accuracy and a fluid style.…

Photo of Kate O’C

Kate O’C

French to English Translator

With substantial experience travelling and working in France, Switzerland and Germany, and armed with a Master’s in Translation Studies, Kate has turned her passion for language into an art form. As a French to English translator, she has an exceptional ability to translate, transcreate, and write fluid, idiomatic copy both from scratch and when beginning with a French text.…

Photo of Paul R

Paul R

Spanish to English Translator | Catalan to English Translator

As a professional French, Catalan and Spanish to English translator with twenty years’ experience as a commercial lawyer, including eight years as a partner of a City law firm, Paul has an exceptional ability to transform complex legal French, Catalan and Spanish into eloquent, authentic and credible-sounding English.

He has extensive experience working on a wide range of commercial, corporate and legal texts and is able produce, review, consume, critique and explain legal and commercial documents while applying this legal knowledge to his French, Catalan and Spanish translations. …

Photo of Joe S

Joe S

Dutch to English Translator | English Editor & Proofreader

Since receiving his MA in Translation and Linguistics (with distinction) in 2014, Joe has specialised in legal and medical translations.  He served as the Managing Editor for a leading, London-based translation agency for three years and now freelances as a professional translator, editor and proofreader, working in the Dutch to English and French to English language pairs.…

Photo of Julia S

Julia S

English to German Translator | French to German Translator

With several years of experience in business, banking and finance behind her, Julia began her freelance translation career in 2013 and now provides international clients with high-quality translation, localisation and editing service in her native German. She has an exceptional ability to translate complex concepts in to fluent, idiomatic German, as demonstrated by her excellent test-translation results for Keytext.…

Photo of Regina S

Regina S

English to German Translator | French to German Translator | German Editor | German Proofreader

Regina is passionate about languages, marketing and economics, and with a solid professional and educational background in these fields, is able to produce authentic, credible translations from Russian, French and English into her native German.

Photo of Sara S

Sara S

With an MA in Translation from the University of Lisbon, a Diploma in Software Localisation from Imperial College, London, and degrees in Sports Management and Equipment Design, Sara began her career as a freelance Spanish and English to Portuguese translator and proofreader in 2009. As well working regularly on a broad range of marketing texts, she has carved out a particular niche in software, video-game and website localisation.…

Photo of Sophia S

Sophia S

A professional French and English to Russian translator since 2002, Sophia has an MA in Linguistics and Translation from the Siberian Federal University. She has a particular gift for producing fluid, idiomatic marketing translations (emphasising the message rather than providing a literal translation) and is a part-time translator for the Institute of Biophysics. She is also a member of the Union of Translators of Russia (UTR).…

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