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Direct Translation and Copywriting Services

Work directly with your preferred linguist or copywriter

Instead of having to go through a project manager to reach your linguist or copywriter, why not work with them directly? This option saves valuable time and money, and gives you more control over the whole process. This is particularly helpful if you want to integrate them into your own workflow, just like you might any freelancer. Here are just a few advantages of our direct service:

  • Closer collaboration with your preferred linguist or copywriter
  • Linguists and copywriters can be integrated into your current workflow
  • Lower rates and faster response times
  • The flexibilitiy of working with a freelancer, with added backup from the Keytext team if necessary
  • Ideal if you are working with a small number of language combinations

How does it work?

If you want to take advantage of our direct service, simply get in touch and we’ll make all the arrangements. We’ll soon find the perfect match for your specific project and will put you directly in touch with them. Where requested, they’ll work with a proofreader for optimal quality and will deliver the completed files to your desired destination. Any questions about the project can be dealt with directly over email. It’s as simple as that.


For more complex projects involving multiple language combinations, we recommend using our managed service.

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