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Accurate, eloquent, timely.

What we're about

Words. Pick the right ones, put them in the right order and you’ll capture people’s attention, create a connection, and inspire them to take action, even from the other side of the world. While you’re asleep.

In fact, the beauty of well-crafted copy and content (no matter what language it’s in) is that it doesn’t rest. It keeps talking to your audience, night and day, sharing the values of your brand, your story, and inviting people to be part of it.

We help brands do this effectively, in lots of languages. We work with experienced copywriters and translators located in the target market to ensure your messaging resonates with your audience, is on brand and drives growth.

A more flexible approach

To offer our clients greater flexibility and better value, they can work directly with our writers and translators if they prefer. Ideal for uncomplicated projects, this option makes for more effective collaboration, simplifies communication and removes unnecessary costs.

In turn, we’re able to attract more experienced linguists and copywriters, and our clients can integrate them directly into their own workflow when they need. We’re still there to find the right fit for your brand, provide access to time-saving technologies, review quality and solve any problems. Naturally, if you prefer to work with a project manager, we also offer a managed service.

Founded by…

David Howard, Director

Hi, I’m David. I’ve been working in the language industry since 2008, when I started out as a freelance translator. I’ve worked on inumerable projects for brands big and small, and love playing with words when I translate and write copy. I launched Keytext in 2014 to connect businesses seeking global growth with unusually talented translators and copywriters. I endure running, and love bedtime stories with our two “squidges” (kids).

Claire de Calonne, Director

I’m Claire, and I’m passionate about languages and translation. I have a Master’s in Translation & Interpretation from one of France’s top two translation schools (ISIT), and an MSc in International Finance and Strategy from the ESSEC business school. When I’m not managing projects or translating financial texts, I enjoy getting creative with a good marketing text! I love travelling, playing the piano and, above all, spending time with my family.

Work directly with our translators and copywriters for simple, effective collaboration, or use our managed service.

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